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Affirmative Consent - The Conversation is Changing. is building a community to combat and stop sexual assault on college campuses and address sexual violence on (and off) college/high school campuses. Our website and products are aimed at fostering healthy communications, safe encounters, and experiences for individual safety and security.

Where we are now: Thank you to the newest movements blazing a trail to safety and consent. There are many more than these and we support you: #TimesUP #MeToo #Rise

What Does "Affirmative Consent" Mean? What is the definition of Affirmative Consent?

The reason an overall definition of Affirmative Consent is difficult to pin down is that there are 100s of definitions for the policy throughout the country (and the world). Each state that has passed consent and sexual assault prevention legislation, writes it's own policy.  College campuses also have their own versions that they use on their campus. However, the base policy (and the one we use on our consent cards) usually follows the original law that was passed in California.

Below is the most common definition for Affirmative Consent (a verbal, enthusiastic YES), it is a summarized version of the original California Law passed in 2014.

It is also the format we use on the "Consent Cards & Guides" we include with our Affirmative Consent Kits offered at our webstore.

  • Consent is a voluntary, affirmative, conscious, agreement to engage in sexual activity,
  • Consent can be revoked at any time,
  • A previous relationship does not constitute consent,
  • Coercion or threat of force can also not be used to establish consent.
  • Affirmative consent can be given either verbally or nonverbally.
  • A person who is incapacitated by drugs or alcohol, or is either not awake or fully awake, is also incapable of giving consent.

New for High Schools! Our "Mutual Respect Kit" is a great giveaway and reminder that students should EXPECT RESPECT:

I love that this website has all the information I need in one place. - Susan Dalton, Virginia"



Below are the latest headlines in the effort to stop sexual assault on campus, pass affirmative consent policies, and updates on culture, respect, education, and Title IX advancements. Use the Search box to find specific news, or click on one of the most recent stories.


50 States of Consent - What are the Affirmative Consent Laws in Your State?
States that Affirmative Consent Standard Laws: California (HS also), Illinois, New York and Connecticut

We recently had the amazing experience of speaking with Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD, creator and curator of Dr. Jenns Den

Below is a recent presentation she gave about Respect, Permission and Affirmative Consent Awareness

Sex & the Price of Masculinity - A Personal Story about Consent Violation


The new Amazon #1 Bestselling book
from author Michael J. Domritz - Creator of: The Date Safe Project

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 Change the Conversation in the College Hookup Culture (and everywhere else).

Affirmative Consent Definition: Affirmative consent is defined as a clear, unambiguous and voluntary agreement to engage in specific sexual activity.

Our Campus Policy Report is a cross referenced list of state colleges and the types of Affirmative Consent Policy they’ve adopted, or not adopted, in their campus safety guides. The report tracks more than 450 colleges, and provides links to each school’s Title IX policy. The report also cross references colleges by region and policy strength.


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The Bottom Line

Alison Berke Morano says that's intention with the consent kits is to open a dialogue between people thinking about having sex and stresses that consent must always be ongoing and continuous. “One of the reasons we added the guide to the consent kit is to promote a healthy conversation about consent and about sex,” Berke Morano says. “Even the conversation about the contract (positive or negative) is promoting the open communication we are going for. We believe that any healthy conversation between consenting adults will help cut down on violence and assault.” - Men's Fitness