High school students talk gender violence in Paramus @melanieanzidei

NorthJersey.com 2.4.17 |  Melanie Anzidei PARAMUS — More than 60 students from several Bergen County high schools came together Friday for a full-day Youth Summit that taught them about gender violence and reinforced ways to prevent it in their communities. The summit, organized by

10 Types Of Sexual Coercion We Don’t Talk About Enough @Refinery29

Refinery29.com 12.16.16 / Kimberly Truong While sexual assault can take on many different forms, the one thing that remains the same is that assault is never a survivor's fault — including instances in which assault occurs in a relationship. Even so, sexual violence

Why rape is a men’s issue @cnn

CNN.com 6.8.16 | Leslie Morgan Steiner A critical aspect of that progress, however, is getting lost amidst the fury. Believe it or not, there is good news in the Stanford rape case, an encouraging fact that we shouldn't overlook: two men stopped this