Understanding Consent Beyond A ‘Yes’ Or A ‘No’

feminisminindia.com 1.24.17 | Madhulika Agarwal Consent can be crudely understood as permission to do something. Sexual consent has been mainly restricted to ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ However, it needs to be understood that consent and especially, the sexual consent of a woman is something which is ridden
Title IX - Affirmtaive Consent

Sexual assault in the time of Trump @ajenglish

AlJazeera.com 1.24.17  Gina Benevento Eight years of progress and funding for programmes countering sexual violence against women are about to be undone. "Affirmative consent, for those who don't know, is the idea that if you don't consent at every stage of a sexual

When to start talking to our sons about rape and consent

Washington Post 12.21.16 | Carolyn Hax  Adapted from an online discussion. Dear Carolyn: There’s been a lot of public discussion surrounding sexual assault lately, and one thing I keep reading/hearing is, “We need to teach our sons not to rape.” Do they mean

#IStandWithMySister @HerCampus #SigmaStrong

HerCampus.com 12.9.16 | Erica Boucher I am a Tri Sigma, and I love all of my sisters.  I love how friendly they are, how much they care, and how much they support me.  I also love how even though we may not all