Guest Post: Campus carry will not make students safer @jadereindl

The following Op-Ed was written by a member of the Affirmative Consent Project Board of Directors: Jade Reindl After unsuccessful attempts to use school shootings as justification, the proponents of this bill decided to use rape survivors as their scapegoat. As a survivor,
More Than A Victim

Guest Blog: Sexual Assault Is Everyone’s Problem @morethanavictim

More Than a Victim (Reprinted in full with Permission) 11.19.15 Sexual assault is everyone’s problem. The power dynamics that manifest in sexual assault can also be found in domestic violence and other forms of gender-based violence. Seeing those dynamics play out in the

Understanding Affirmative Consent @KeepHerSafe 7.23.15 | Sheri Dixon At Keep Her Safe, we’re seeing a lot of buzz about “affirmative consent” as a way to stop campus sexual assault. To learn more, we spoke with Alison Berke, a founder of The Affirmative Consent Gamechange Project. Alison