Most Colleges Don’t Have Rape Kits Available on Campus @jezebel 9.8.16 | Stassa Edwards In an op-ed for the Harvard Crimson, an anonymous rape survivor writes of her alleged attack on the university’s campus and its subsequent aftermath. “Harvard could have helped me afterwards,” she writes, “and they didn’t.” She points to
Affirmative Consent Workshop

Sexual harassment training may have reverse effect, research suggests

The Guardian 5.2.16 | Sam Levin Trainings’ use of ‘cartoonish, unrealistic’ examples could be partially to blame for men’s subsequent dismissal of allegations, says Berkeley professor Sexual harassment courses aimed at preventing workplace discrimination can have the opposite effect, making men less capable
Title IX Report

Sexual misconduct complaints costly to colleges @seattletimes @anemonanyc

The Seattle Times 3.19.16 | Anemona Hartocollis Colleges have spent millions to hire lawyers, investigators, case workers, survivor advocates, peer counselors, workshop leaders and other officials to deal with increasing numbers of sexual misconduct complaints. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — In a brightly lit classroom