Why rape is a men’s issue @cnn

CNN.com 6.8.16 | Leslie Morgan Steiner A critical aspect of that progress, however, is getting lost amidst the fury. Believe it or not, there is good news in the Stanford rape case, an encouraging fact that we shouldn't overlook: two men stopped this

The Racket: How Toxic Masculinity Feeds Rape Culture @mtv

And what we can do to detox by MTV News Staff 5/23/2016 http://on.mtv.com/1THfqWD More Here... Buy #Consent Kits: The Guide to Getting Your Affirmative Consent On (w/Yes Means Yes Guide/Consent Contract Cards) #teamconsent - 3 kits Get our Consent Kits! 'The Best Takeaway

Affirmative Consent: How “Yes means Yes” is good for men

Menstrait.com 5.13.16 |  Crystal Lasky Robinson There’s been some hand wringing over the “yes means yes” standard of consent that’s being implemented in universities, among other places. Critics are afraid that suddenly all the consensual sex that’s already happened will some how become