The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn

The New Yorker 12.5.16 | Margaret Talbot Carrie Goldberg is a pioneer in the field of sexual privacy, using the law to defend victims of hacking, leaking, and other online assaults. One morning in March, in a courtroom in Newark, New Jersey, a

How To Respond To Men Who Deny Rape Culture

BDG Media 12.16.16 |JR Thorpe The phrase "rape culture," much like other phrases like "equal rights" or "no, stop catcalling me," can make some people very angry indeed. Yes, people rape, they argue, but is the idea of "rape culture" real? Aren't feminists

Tools of war: Why cannibalism has disappeared but rape hasn’t 7.14.16 | Chelsea G. Summers You know the story of the pretty girl dressed in questionable clothing who walks into the woods and speaks a little too freely to a leering wolf. “All the better to eat you with, my dear,” the

10 Types Of Sexual Coercion We Don’t Talk About Enough @Refinery29 12.16.16 / Kimberly Truong While sexual assault can take on many different forms, the one thing that remains the same is that assault is never a survivor's fault — including instances in which assault occurs in a relationship. Even so, sexual violence

#IStandWithMySister @HerCampus #SigmaStrong 12.9.16 | Erica Boucher I am a Tri Sigma, and I love all of my sisters.  I love how friendly they are, how much they care, and how much they support me.  I also love how even though we may not all