Courts Are Jailing Victims of Sexual Assault

Mother Jones 10.31.16| Samantha Michaels Yes, you read that right. Cleopatra Harrison had large, dark bruises on her neck and scratches on her chest when she met the police at an apartment in Columbus, Georgia, in June. The night before, she told them,

Pickup Artists Raped a Woman and Then Bragged About It Online

The Cut 9.22.16 |Gabriella Paiella The pickup-artist community has been steadily gaining more and more visibility since Neil Strauss published The Game in 2005: Its adherents swear by its seduction techniques, while others point to the inherent misogyny of the movement. A new,

Why One Scientist Went Public With Her Sexual Harassment Story

Mother Jones 9.26.16 | Natalie Schreyer and Jeremy Schulman Why One Scientist Went Public With Her Sexual Harassment Story In the past few years, sexual harassment in the sciences has become an increasingly visible problem. Disturbing allegations about the Environmental Protection Agency, the

Most Colleges Don’t Have Rape Kits Available on Campus @jezebel 9.8.16 | Stassa Edwards In an op-ed for the Harvard Crimson, an anonymous rape survivor writes of her alleged attack on the university’s campus and its subsequent aftermath. “Harvard could have helped me afterwards,” she writes, “and they didn’t.” She points to