Haleigh Hutchison – Digital Content Manager

Haleigh Hutchison

Hello, my name is Haleigh Hutchison.  I am a senior at the University of North Florida, studying Political Science and History.  I was lucky enough to find the Affirmative Consent Project and have been working to Change the Conversation of Consent ever since!  I must admit, I did not know too much about affirmative consent before coming into this organization, but realized just how impactful and necessary a group like this is to facilitate change.

Being a statistic, a possible 1 in 4 of college aged women to be assaulted, has brought me even closer to this project.  Reading news from around the world, updates on policies and possible legislation, and opinions collected on the Affirmative Consent website allows average citizens of the world to become better acquainted with the subject which is the first step of progress!
Furthermore, as a college student, I'd like to see affirmative consent projects like this all across the nation and world.  We are such a powerful generation and I believe as soon as we realize our collective strength and begin to respect one another, we can change the world.