Alison Berke
Alison Berke

A Woman’s Perspective


Every day there is a new story about how colleges, the Department of Justice, and Congress are calling out the problems with our student judicial system. They are finding ways to address the issues that face students every day, and how we are not equipped as a society to deal with them – YET.

The initial plan for this project was to come up with a way for men and women, especially during the fast-paced, party driven college years, to be able to communicate in a new way when it comes to having sex:

  1. when things are heating up:
  2. you’re young, and;
  3. both of you are feeling the need to ‘hook up’ college style.

But then, something else happened. The news was changing, legislation was being written (CA SB 967), and the story was becoming a referendum about the way men and women interact – at all ages. How they have to learn to communicate, and the fact that the: Conversation has to Change.

That’s when AffirmativeConsent.com began to take a new shape.

Please use our information, to learn, to grow, to communicate, to talk.

AffirmativeConsent.com was built to assist a movement. Everyone is watching.

The Conversation is Changing.