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Campus Sexual Assault Reports Feed - Powered by Google. When the Affirmative Consent Project started in 2014, we knew that we were going to post the news about Affirmative Consent,

The Romance Novelist’s Guide to Hot Consent @jezebel #consent

The Romance Novelist's Guide to Hot Consent Jezebel | 2.14.18 | Kelly Faircloth The #MeToo movement has sparked a reckoning about power, sex, and consent that has already reached deep


Time Magazine: The Silence Breakers #metoo

The Silence Breakers By Stephanie Zacharek, Eliana Dockterman and Haley Sweetland Edwards Movie stars are supposedly nothing like you and me. They're svelte, glamorous, self-­possessed. They wear dresses we can't

#TimesUP: Is This the Next Step for the #MeToo Movement? @theatlantic @megangarber

A just-announced collective of more than 300 women in Hollywood is attempting to fight sexual harassment in their own industry—and, crucially, far beyond. 2.2.18 | Megan Garber | The Atlantic

Understanding Consent Beyond A ‘Yes’ Or A ‘No’ 1.24.17 | Madhulika Agarwal Consent can be crudely understood as permission to do something. Sexual consent has been mainly restricted to ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ However, it needs to be understood that consent

Title IX - Affirmtaive Consent

Sexual assault in the time of Trump @ajenglish 1.24.17  Gina Benevento Eight years of progress and funding for programmes countering sexual violence against women are about to be undone. "Affirmative consent, for those who don't know, is

Campus Sexual Assault Rules in Crosshairs of Trump’s Education Task Force 2.3.17 | Ally Boguhn A spokesperson for Liberty University suggested to Reuters that Jerry Falwell Jr. hoped to chip away at regulations affecting colleges and universities, including rules on investigating

High school students talk gender violence in Paramus @melanieanzidei 2.4.17 |  Melanie Anzidei PARAMUS — More than 60 students from several Bergen County high schools came together Friday for a full-day Youth Summit that taught them about gender

We must do better for sexual assault survivors. The answer isn’t rocket science @globeandmaiil

Globe and Mail 2.5.17 | BRENDA COSSMAN Brenda Cossman is a professor of law and the director of the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto It’s

A handy comic shows what affirmative consent actually looks like. @101hotnewsnow 2.9.17 | “Our culture often conceives of sex as something men want, and women either allow or withhold. The problem is, sex isn’t really given or taken — it’s

Trump’s Education pick could roll back efforts to fight campus sexual assault

ThinkProgress 1.16.17 | By Perpetual Baffour and Ulrich Boser Betsy DeVos’ family foundation has long donated to organizations that side with students accused of rape — not their victims. Donald Trump’s nominee for

How Tattoos Help Sexual Assault Survivors Reclaim Their Bodies @broadly 1.8.17 | Sophie Saint Thomas For years, women have been getting tattoos as a means to heal from personal trauma. When Marti was 18 years old, she was raped

Joe Biden Just Made a HUGE Statement About the Campus Sexual Assault Crisis @teenvogue

**Editor's Note: We love the work Vice President Biden has done on behalf of stopping campus sexual assault. We hope he continues to be a leading voice for our cause.

The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn

The New Yorker 12.5.16 | Margaret Talbot Carrie Goldberg is a pioneer in the field of sexual privacy, using the law to defend victims of hacking, leaking, and other online

Judge overturns UO student’s suspension in sexual assault case; university may appeal

The Register-Guard 12.23.16 | Jack Moran The University of Oregon may appeal a judge’s ruling that overturned a one-year suspension the UO imposed on a male student after university officials

When to start talking to our sons about rape and consent

Washington Post 12.21.16 | Carolyn Hax  Adapted from an online discussion. Dear Carolyn: There’s been a lot of public discussion surrounding sexual assault lately, and one thing I keep reading/hearing

Accused Rapist Found Culpable by Majority of Two Panels Still Plays Stanford Football 12.30.16 | Christina Cauterucci A Stanford University football player accused of sexual assault is set to play in Friday’s Sun Bowl, despite the fact that a majority of two

How To Respond To Men Who Deny Rape Culture

BDG Media 12.16.16 |JR Thorpe The phrase "rape culture," much like other phrases like "equal rights" or "no, stop catcalling me," can make some people very angry indeed. Yes, people

UC investigated for ‘sexually hostile environment’ 12.30.16 | Kate Murphy Allegations of a “sexually hostile environment” on campus spurred a federal investigation of the University of Cincinnati, recently discovered federal documents state. The Enquirer reported in August

Tools of war: Why cannibalism has disappeared but rape hasn’t 7.14.16 | Chelsea G. Summers You know the story of the pretty girl dressed in questionable clothing who walks into the woods and speaks a little too freely to

A Majority Agreed She Was Raped by a Stanford Football Player. That Wasn’t Enough.

New York Times 12.29.16 | By JOE DRAPE and MARC TRACY At Stanford University, in a conference room above a Starbucks and other shops, a panel of five gathered in June 2015 to decide

We’ve Talked A Lot About Consent In 2016 But Have We Made Any Progress On Understanding It?

The Debrief 12.27.16 | Kate Lloyd The Debrief: For every step forward we take in understanding consent and sexual assault, we take two steps back. But how much actually changed

Stamford High students get education on sexual assault

Stamford Advocate 12.27.16 | Nelson Oliveira STAMFORD — A young woman wakes up on her college campus Sunday morning feeling confused about what happened the night before, when she started

Minnesota football players have chosen the wrong issue on which to make a stand @washingtonpost

The Washington Post 12.16.16 | Sally Jenkins A college football team finally has recognized its power and leverage over campus administrators but for a queasy-making cause: solidarity over an unprosecuted

Princeton Is Latest Ivy League School to Suspend Team Over Vulgar Materials @nytimes

New York Times 12.15.16 | Christopher Mele Princeton University suspended the season of its men’s swimming and diving team after the discovery of material on its electronic mailing list that

Men’s soccer team suspended at Washington University following complaint by women’s team @ajost

St. Louis Post Dispatch 12.18.16 | Ashley Jost Sexually explicit comments and other inappropriate behavior toward the women’s soccer team has landed Washington University’s men’s soccer team on indefinite suspension,

ACP News Feed: University of Minnesota Football Team – Boycott News

Lots of news about the Minnesota Football Team and threats to boycott their next bowl game. The boycott began when TEN (10) members of the Gopher Football Team were suspended

campus sexual assault reports

KSTP Exclusive: 80-Page Report Outlines U of M Investigation into Gophers Football Players 12.16.16 The University of Minnesota authored an 80-page report after conducting an investigation into 12 Gophers football players. University officials have said they cannot comment on their rationale for the

Gophers players boycott football after suspensions; Holiday Bowl in jeopardy

Update: The boycott has ended. - Editors Minnesota Star Tribune 10.15.16 | Joe Christenson Team willing to boycott bowl game to protest suspensions After refusing to practice Thursday, Gophers players

Illinois: Bradley president apologizes for TV comments on recent campus sex assault

WEEK News 12.15.16 PEORIA, Ill. -- Bradley University President Gary Roberts is apologizing for comments he made on TV Wednesday about a recent campus sexual assault report. On an morning

Amid Lurid Allegations, Minnesota Football Team Drops Threatened Boycott

Chronicle of Higher Education 12.17.16 | Katherine Mangan University of Minnesota football players backed off on Saturday from their threat to boycott their coming Holiday Bowl game when it became

University Of Minnesota President Refuses To Bow To Boycotting Football Players

Huffington Post 12.17.16 | Travis Waldron Eric W. Kaler said the school’s values were more important than the team’s scheduled Holiday Bowl appearance The University of Minnesota president and athletic

campus sexual assault reports

Minnesota football players boycott bowl game to protest suspensions for alleged gang rape @thinkprogress

Think Progress 12.17.16 | Lindsay Gibbs If you don’t stand for something … Last year, football players at the University of Missouri recognized their collective power and went on strike, refusing

Boycott reveals complexity of campus assault @washingtonpost

Washington Post 10.17.16 The University of Minnesota football team skipped practice for the second straight day Friday, a highly unusual case of college athletes unified in protest. The evening before,

How sexual assault survivors can cope in Donald Trump’s America @fusion 11.10.16 | Lux Alptraum Over the past few months, as Donald Trump’s abhorrent treatment of women moved into the spotlight, many survivors of assault have found themselves triggered by

10 Types Of Sexual Coercion We Don’t Talk About Enough @Refinery29 12.16.16 / Kimberly Truong While sexual assault can take on many different forms, the one thing that remains the same is that assault is never a survivor's fault —

Maryland: State Delegate Wants To Require Lessons about Affirmative Consent in County Classrooms

Bethesda Magazine 12.14.16 | Bethany Rogers Kelly is offering legislation to expand curriculum for sex education classes A state delegate from Montgomery County wants to require local public schools to

#IStandWithMySister @HerCampus #SigmaStrong 12.9.16 | Erica Boucher I am a Tri Sigma, and I love all of my sisters.  I love how friendly they are, how much they care, and how much

Merchant Marine Academy is overreacting on Sea Year 12.15.16 | Kate O’Connor THE BOTTOM LINE I am a proud woman who graduated from Kings Point. I know the value of my education, and I cannot believe that

Liberty University shows it takes sports more seriously than sexual assault

Washington Post 12.8.16 | Editorial Board “YOU LOOK at what Baylor [University] was able to do during his tenure, it fits perfectly with where we see our sports program going.”

Affirmative Consent and Television

The Progress and Pitfalls of Television’s Treatment of Rape 12.9.16 When he was helping to choose writers for the staff of Fox’s television revival of “The Exorcist,” executive producer Jeremy Slater kept encountering the same plot point over

Amherst College suspends men’s cross country over offensive posts

Boston Globe 12.12.16 | By Kay Lazar and Andy Rosen Northeastern University’s athletic director knew he had to do something. Donald Trump’s boorish comments about kissing, groping, and trying to

Letter from Father to Son: Make Sure You Understand Affirmative Consent When You Go Off to College #consentconversation

JP Morgan Chase December, 2016  | Michael Cembalest Every December, I take a break from market and investment topics to discuss other things. Three years ago, the holiday Eye on

Link found between campus assault, drinking ‘settings’ 12.13.16 | Amy Wallace Study finds where men drink linked to increased likelihood of perpetrating sexual assaults. PISCATAWAY, N.J., Dec. 12 (UPI) -- The amount a college student drinks

Maryland – High School Consent: Montgomery County Public Schools considering adding ‘affirmative consent’ to sex ed curriculum

Fox5 News 12.12.16 / Anjali Hemphill ROCKVILLE, Md. - Middle and high school students in Montgomery County may be in for a change when it comes to sex education. A

Affirmative Consent – More News than we can keep up with….

Every once in a while at the Affirmative Consent Project, we are inundated by more news than we can keep  up with. Below are some of the latest headlines from

Huh! Sexual Harassment Is as Big a Problem for Female Runners as for All Other Women. 10.28.16 | L.V. Anderson On Thursday, Runner’s World published the results of a survey of 4,670 runners about safety and harassment, and it turns out that both men and

6 charts that will change how you think about sexual assault in America 10.24.16 | Zachary Crockett Sexual assault is a major issue in the United States. Many private and government agencies — the FBI, the CDC, the US Department of Justice,

Honor Code amnesty is just one part of BYU’s 23 steps for addressing sexual assault

Salt Lake Tribune 10.29.16 | JESSICA MILLER, MATTHEW PIPER AND ERIN ALBERTY The LDS Church-owned school announces it will restructure its Title IX Office, aims to “create an environment where

Courts Are Jailing Victims of Sexual Assault

Mother Jones 10.31.16| Samantha Michaels Yes, you read that right. Cleopatra Harrison had large, dark bruises on her neck and scratches on her chest when she met the police at

Ex-Vanderbilt Football Player Sentenced to 17 Years for Campus Rape 11.5.16 | Sheila Burke / AP Prosecutors said they hoped it would send a message that people who commit these types of crimes on campus will be held accountable

Rape victim says she was sixth to report Utah State student, sues school for not acting

Salt Lake Tribune 11.7.16 | Alex Stuckey Almost a year before Victoria Hewlett was raped by fellow Utah State University student Jason Relopez, school officials were discussing an earlier sexual

The Campus Organizing Toolkit

Know Your IX Campus Toolkit here If your school (like so many others) is falling short in its policies and procedures in response to gender violence on campus, student activism can

Stanford Sexual Assault Case Survivor Emily Doe Speaks Out

Glamour Magazine 11.1.1 | Anonymous *It started with a simple sentence: “You don’t know me, but you’ve been inside me, and that’s why we’re here today.” Maybe you read the

Sexual Assault Survivors Are Heartbroken Over Trump’s Victory

Buzzfeed 10.9.16 | Tyler Kingkade "Waking up to a Trump victory today, I have not felt this violated, unvalued, or disrespected since the day of my assault.” Tuesday was Fabiana

Wrestling team under investigation after racially, sexually explicit group messages surface

Columbia Spectator 11.7.16 | Daniel Radov, Austin Horn, Christopher Lopez, and Bradley Davison The University confirmed late Thursday that it is investigating the wrestling team after racially and sexually explicit

UC Passes New Sexual Assault Prevention Measure

Harvard Crimson 11.14. 16 | Brian P. Yu Student groups receiving funding from the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations’ Student Advisory Committee will be eligible for more funding

Obama Just Signed a Bill of Rights for Survivors of Sexual Assault @nymag

NY Mag 10.7.16 | Lisa Ryan President Obama on Friday signed a bill that gives sexual-assault victims a basic set of rights under federal law. Under the Sexual Assault Survivors’

“My School Punished Me” 9.19.16 | Nora Caplan-Bricker A high school student accused a classmate of sexual assault. Her school suspended her. Peachtree Ridge High School is a low-slung concrete building in Suwanee,

Trump, Clinton and Sex Assault @insidehighered

Inside Higher Ed 10.11.16 | Jake New Advocates for victims say leaked video of Republican not only points to troubling attitudes but highlights a key difference in the campaign platforms

Emma Watson Addresses Sexual Assault on College Campuses 9.21.16 | Amy de Klerk She delivered a powerful speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. Emma Watson made a speech on Tuesday addressing sexual assault on college

Sexual Assault on US Campuses: how schools and States are addressing the problem

Editor Note: The Affirmative Consent Project is following the State Laws and Policy as they're written, passed/failed, and signed/vetoed by the Governor around the country here We also follow school

Pickup Artists Raped a Woman and Then Bragged About It Online

The Cut 9.22.16 |Gabriella Paiella The pickup-artist community has been steadily gaining more and more visibility since Neil Strauss published The Game in 2005: Its adherents swear by its seduction

Why One Scientist Went Public With Her Sexual Harassment Story

Mother Jones 9.26.16 | Natalie Schreyer and Jeremy Schulman Why One Scientist Went Public With Her Sexual Harassment Story In the past few years, sexual harassment in the sciences has

Survey: Most Parents with College Students Very Concerned About Sexual Assault @teamgoodcall Terri Williams | 9.29.16 ... What else can students do to be safe on and off campus? There are other steps that students can take to improve campus safety.

Wbite House Task Force

The White House Wants K-12 Schools to Address Sexual Assault @lifemotto 9.19.16 | Samantha Cooney The White House and the Department of Education unveiled a series of new materials aimed at helping elementary, middle, and high schools address sexual assault

Guest column by Ben Goodman | A challenge to individual fraternities on campus @dailypenn

The Daily Pennsylvanian 9.13.16 | Ben Goodman Why a Response from Individual Fraternities is Necessary for Real Change “Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” -

‘Tonight’s the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away’: Fraternity suspended for email @washingtonpost

Washington Post 9.13.16 | Susan Svrluga A fraternity at the University of Richmond has been suspended after an email with what university officials termed “grossly offensive language” was sent to

Most Colleges Don’t Have Rape Kits Available on Campus @jezebel 9.8.16 | Stassa Edwards In an op-ed for the Harvard Crimson, an anonymous rape survivor writes of her alleged attack on the university’s campus and its subsequent aftermath. “Harvard

Obama Expected To Sign Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill Of Rights Into Law @npr 9.9.16 Renee Montagne talks to Amanda Nguyen, an activist for the rights of sexual assault victims, who was instrumental in getting the Survivors' Bill of Rights passed by both

She Was Raped During Study Abroad. Then Her School Said She Couldn’t Talk About It. @huffingtonpost

Huffington Post 8.30.16 | Tyler Kingkade A female student is accusing her small Minnesota college of failing to support her after she was sexually assaulted overseas. Emilee Franklin wanted to

To prevent campus rape, colleges change the rulebook from ‘No means no’ to ‘Yes means yes’ @phillydotcom 9.5.16 | Emma Platoff and Jonathan Lai The dorm room door hangers have three simple questions to help students understand consent: "Is the person sober? Is the person awake?

Sex on campus isn’t what you think: what 101 student journals taught me @theguardian @lisawade

The Guardian 8.23.16 | Lisa Wade Students can opt out of hooking up, and many do. But my research makes clear that they can’t opt out of hookup culture Moments

How We Should Be Talking About Rape In High School @bustle 9.6.16 | JR Thorpe If you're lucky enough to have any education about rape in high school in the first place, it tends to be a combination of shock

An open letter to Move-In Weekend sign jerks @athensmessenger

Athens Messenger 8.22.16 | TYLER BUCHANAN Hey there, I saw your signs you put up to welcome the students back to Ohio University. Really funny stuff. Fresh, too! Very fresh

Running Feed: Rape Culture News, Updates and Advancements in Visibility – How the subject of Rape Culture is being addressed in today’s news

  Rape Culture: As the Affirmative Consent Movement (Yes Means Yes) takes shape, there have been a number of topics that have taken on increased awareness in our everyday news,

Idaho: Austin Michael Brown, charged with rape, says woman said “no,” but it wasn’t a “hard no” @micnews @claire_lampen

Mic 9.2.16 | Claire Lampen In today's edition of Terrible Excuses for Rape, an Idaho man facing a felony rape charge told investigators that his alleged victim did in fact

Elizabeth Smart Is Standing Up for Rape Victims—And Tearing Down Purity Culture @ElizSmart

Broadly 9.1.16 | Molly Oswaks Fourteen years after she was kidnapped, sexually abused, and held in captivity for nine months, Elizabeth Smart is fighting to change the way we talk

Thank Contraception, Not Abstinence, for the Drop in U.S. Teen Pregnancies @slate 9.2.16 | Christina Cauterucci The United States' teen pregnancy rate, the very highest among the world’s 20 nations with complete statistics, has been falling since the 1990s. Since 2007,

I Cannot Take Gabrielle Union’s Op-Ed On Nate Parker’s Rape Allegations Lightly @sil_lai

Huffington Post 9.3.16 | Sil Lai Abrams This morning I awakened and checked my Twitter feed. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the statement issued by Gabrielle Union on Nate

Airlines are surprisingly ill-equipped to handle accusations of sexual assault on their planes. @slate 8.31.16 | Nora Caplan-Bricker Dana T. had never felt more excited about her life. In April, she’d landed what she calls her “dream job,” working in sales at a

Sexual harassment is rife in universities, but complaining means risking your career

The Guardian 8.26.16 Networking is crucial in academia, but does that have to mean fighting off unwanted advances? We need to start talking openly about this issue Sexual harassment in

Kentucky: University Will Sue Its Own Student Newspaper For Reporting On Sexual Assault Case

Buzzfeed News 8.23.16 | Azeen Ghorayshi The University of Kentucky will take its student paper to court to avoid releasing documents detailing scientist James Harwood’s alleged sexual assault against two

Australia: Students crash Sydney Uni open day while carrying mattresses with messages condemning campus rape @newscomauhq

NewsCom.AU 8.28.16 | Nina Funnell FEMALE and male students carrying mattresses with messages condemning campus rape, have crashed the Sydney University open day, storming a lecture promoting the University to

Welcome to the red zone: what’s wrong with sexual assault training on campus @theguardian @mtredden

The Guardian 8.26.16 | Molly Redden Advocates want to call attention to the period in which the majority of college sex assaults take place, something critics say has come to

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Rape Are the Wrong Response to the Brock Turner Case @slate 8.30.16 | Nora Caplan-Bricker Brock Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who was sentenced to six months in prison for raping an unconscious woman, is scheduled to be released for

Why Did It Take 9 Hours and 3 Emergency Rooms For This Woman to Get a Rape Kit?

Cosmopolitan 8.23.16 | Jillian Keenan  How could it be legal for multiple Houston, Texas, emergency rooms to refuse Dinisha Ball a rape kit? The complicated, infuriating, little-known reasons why women

How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture 5.22.16 | Laura Bates When teachers punish girls for wearing clothes deemed 'too distracting' for boys to handle, it teaches a damaging lesson Some of our most powerful and

Title IX - Affirmtaive Consent

Kentucky: University Plans to Sue Student Newspaper for Reporting on Professor’s Sexual-Assault Cases

The Cut 8.24.16 | Dayna Evans James Harwood, an associate professor of entomology at the University of Kentucky, resigned from his position in February after he was charged with sexual

Florida: STRIVE: #UF launches consent campaign @MelissaGomez004

The Alligator 8.23.16 | Melissa Gomez UF students and faculty are taking action against sexual assault on campus by clarifying one word: consent. UF’s Sexual Trauma/Interpersonal Violence Education, in collaboration

College Tips and Resources

For Freshmen, Campus Life Poses New Risks #collegelife

NY Times 8.17.16 | LISA HEFFERNAN and JENNIFER BREHENY WALLACE The conventional wisdom after college drop-off is to wait and let your freshman reach out to you, but parents may want to rethink that

Stanford Sex Assault Judge Went Easy On Another Student Athlete

Buzzfeed 8.26.16 | Katie J.M. Baker Judge Aaron Persky, under fire for his sentencing of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, delayed sentencing for a domestic violence offender so he could

California: Stanford banned hard alcohol at parties. Too bad that won’t stop sexual assault. @mic 8.23.16 | Jenny Kutner Five months after former Stanford University student Brock Turner was convicted of sexually assaulting a young woman on campus, Stanford has issued a ban on hard alcohol

New Hampshire: St. Paul’s Sexual-Assault Survivor Speaks Out: ‘I Want Everyone to Know That I’m Not Ashamed’

The Cut 8.30.16 | Claire Landsbaum Chessy Prout was 15 when Owen Labrie, a senior at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, asked her out on a date. That

New Hampshire: St. Paul’s Survivor Starts #IHaveTheRightTo Campaign to Encourage Other Sexual-Assault Survivors to Share Their Stories @cut

The Cut 8.30.16 | Gabriella Paiella Almost one year ago to the day, Owen Labrie was found not guilty of three counts of felony sexual assault, though he was convicted

California lawmakers pass rape bill inspired by #Stanford case @reuters 8.30.16 | Dan Whitcomb California lawmakers, responding to outrage over the six-month jail term given to a former Stanford University swimmer after his conviction for sexually assaulting an unconscious

This Rape Bill Will Close the Loophole That Let Brock Turner Off So Easily @cut

Text of the Bill Can be found here: California Assembly Bill 2888   The Cut 8.30.16 | Charley Lanyon Brock Turner, the 20-year-old Stanford student who sexually assaulted an unconscious

Massachusetts: Judge sets aside rape charges for probation so ex-athlete can enjoy ‘a college experience’ 8.22.16 | Travis Getty UPDATE: In a statement to MassLive, the University of Dayton said that David Becker will not be attending the school. Becker’s attorney, Thomas Rooke, had

California: Stanford removes ‘victim-blaming’ online material on women and alcohol

The Guardian 8.24.16 | Sam Levin University in limelight over Brock Turner sexual assault case pulls part of a webpage amid criticism that it promoted rape culture Stanford University has

Massachusetts: High School Athlete Who Sexually Assaulted Two Unconscious Women Sentenced to Two Years Probation

The Cut 8.26.16 | Claire Landsbaum Back in April, David Becker, then a senior at East Longmeadow High School in Massachusetts, was accused of sexually assaulting two classmates while they

campus sexual assault reports

Kentucky: Info and Resources for Student Safety Now Available on myUK 8.23.16 LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 23, 2016) — This past spring, UK officials made several recommendations that addressed student safety issues, which included making reporting information more accessible through UK’s


Below are the latest headlines in the effort to stop sexual assault on campus, pass affirmative consent policies, and updates on culture, respect, education, and Title IX advancements. Use the Search box to find specific news, or click on one of the most recent stories.


50 States of Consent - What are the Affirmative Consent Laws in Your State?
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