Title IX - Affirmtaive Consent

The continuing conversation about Affirmative Consent, Yes Means Yes and other campus safety issues has created a network of resources and organizations developed to not only investigate Title IX incidents, but also provide help to survivors and other people affected by campus assault. This section of the Affirmative Consent Project will keep the public posted about these resources, organizations, investigations and news about campus safety, Title IX updates and other information that work to keep campuses safe.


Department of Education

Title IX Investigations:

Updated Title IX Case Tracking

We are tracking the progress of Title IX investigations at colleges and universities in the US. We update this page weekly with new cases, updated cases and resolved cases.

Our reporting began in early February 2016, so it is current from that time.

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Click The Links Below for Information on Current/Updated/Resolved Title IX Cases  (as of February 2016)


Title IX Resources from the Department of Education/Office of Civil Rights:

Recent Title IX News: